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neogeeks's Journal

Northeast Ohio Geeks
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Anybody , Moderated
Here's the place to let your freak flag fly.

We have but one rule. So far. Join the group and then post your answers to this here survey.
First community guidline: New people must fill out the following questionaire. As the group is new, we're all new members, which means we're all subject.

With which Muppet do you most identify?

What is the most creative thing you've done to get rid of a door-to-door evangelist?

What book are you most likely to have your nose stuck in?

Favorite game?

What is your most unusual skill?

Porn: Exploitive or entertaining?

Which X-Man do you most resemble, physically?

What is your totem animal?

Do you carry a towel with you at all times?

Do you know why I asked the question above?

Personal motto.
abnormals, accountants, activism, adult swim, adventuring, akron, andy kauffman, angst, anime, art, batman, bisexuals, body modification, canton, caving, challenging the status quo, children of the 80s, cleveland, college, comic books, community theatre, computers, crafting, creation, crochet, cult movies, disabilities, doctors, dorks, douglas adams, dragons, drama, dreamers, dungeons and dragons, eccentrics, elves, engineers, exploring, fairies, fantasy, final fantasy, freaks, freethinkers, gays, geeks, geocaching, gimps, goth, grammar, greek, hair dye, harry potter, hippies, historians, history, hobbits, horror, hudson, indie films, indie music, jackson, john steinbeck, karaoke, kent, kevin smith, kink, knitting, kurt vonnegot, lakewood, languages, latin, learning, lenny bruce, lesbians, libraries, linguistics, literature, loners, lord of the rings, losers, magic, manga, manic panic, marvel, mathematicians, maya angelou, mental illness, misfits, model building, morlocks, muppets, my so-called life, neil gaiman, nerds, nick cave, northeast ohio, nurses, ohio, orson scott card, peircings, people with disabilities, philosophers, physics, preacher, professors, programmers, punk, radical crafting, ravenna, reading, rejects, research, rocky horror, rpgs, sandman, sci fi, scrubs, sewing, show tunes, spaz, star trek, star wars, superheroes, superman, taboo, tattoos, techies, terry pratchet, the muppets, the princess bride, the west wing, they might be giants, tom robbins, toni morrison, toys, wizards, wooster, writers, x-files, x-men, yoda