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Saying Hallo (not canton, eastside clevelander!)

With which Muppet do you most identify?
Beaker *meememeemeepmeep!

Funny enough my best friend from highschool looks like bunsen. Funniest duo ever.

What is the most creative thing you've done to get rid of a door-to-door evangelist?
Ironically enough I find them very useful. When I was living at home my father and I were trying to start a fire but we couldn't find any paper anywhere. He jokingly says if we dont' want to go out, maybe we should pray and we'll find some in the woods or something. Not three seconds after those words left his lips did we had some door to doors pull up, walk up to us, talk about God, pass us these little illustrated booklets of how unbelievers were going to burn in hell, then they thanked us for our time and drove off. Very polite bunch. My father and I looked at each other, grinned sheepishly, looked up, said thank you, and started the bonfire we had been planning. Roasted smores and had one of the best nights ever with my family.

What book are you most likely to have your nose stuck in?
Fantasy. Terry Pratchett FTW!

Favorite game?
*blush* yeah total geek. Munchkin is a blast if you have 3 or more people over to play with.

What is your most unusual skill?
Any video game I play I start out at an intermediate skill level. I can just pick something up and it'll seem like I've played it for months, however, it's slow for me to advance in skill level past that.

Porn: Exploitive or entertaining?
There's a difference?

Which X-Man do you most resemble, physically?

What is your totem animal?
Sadly this bird is now extinct. NOT MY FAULT.

Do you carry a towel with you at all times?
Got one stored in a backpack I keep in my jeep. Never know when you might suddenly go camping :p

Do you know why I asked the question above?
In a universe as crazy as this, a man needs to know where his towel is.

Personal motto.
It's not worth doing something unless you were doing something that someone, somewere, would much rather you weren't doing.
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